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My name is Beth Fortson Ingram I currently reside in Colbert Georgia with my husband, where I am a full time photographer! I am 24 years old and i hope to be doing this for as long as you will allow me ;) I am experienced in Wedding Photography all the way to pet photography. I have always wanted to get into Photography but was always told that the field was too competitive...well i tend to like a challenge so last year i decided to go ahead and go full time. I have met so many great people and made so many friends along the way and I cant wait to see where my passion takes me.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Now if there was ever a little model here she is!!! Little Ms. Chloe was such a joy to photograph!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Billy & Ann's 5 year anniversary!!

Ann and her husband absolutely made my day!!! This day was a complete surprise for Billy!! Ann's father picked up Billy in a limo that morning and brung Billy to  a path where he had to walk down...and at the end of this path stood his bride of 5 years. She had set up a picnic for them both out in the middle of this field!! It was so beautiful and I am so glad i was able to shoot this session.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fellers

March 11, 2012:: Congrats to Grant and Lauren!!! Lauren was absolutely beautiful and had a beautiful wedding!!! One thing I loved about their wedding is Lauren is expecting....and during the cake ceremony they had a "is it a he or she" cake...well...the mom and dad to be didnt even know until they sliced the cake and ITS A GIRL!!! I wish the two of you the best!!

Come on Baby King!!

I am so beyond excited for Kevin and Bridget!!! They will soon welcome their little girl Kellie Beth (great name by the way :) ) to the world!!! I was blessed to have the opportunity to shoot their engagement and wedding now maternity!! They are an adorable couple and I cant wait to meet Kellie Beth!!!

Bella is 1

I met this beautiful little girl  last year and fell in love with her and her family!! The Elwells have been a blessing to me!! I was so happy to be able to photograph her for her 1st Birthday.


My cousins sister in law just had a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!!!! Cadence!! Congrats Brandy Goss. She was such a joy to photograph

Baby Stone

Ok..I admit..i was very nervous about this shoot lol. As a Photographer i know im not supposed to admit my weakness but babies are it lol, We still have fun doing these pictures and I enjoyed getting to experience to photograph this beautiful little girl, Haddie.